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Listings or posted for a total of 90 days and then removed. You are welcome to resubmit a posting after it has been removed.

We will list the postings in order of newest to oldest. This is done so people that visit often will not have to scroll down just to check for new listings.

Information needed for a listing.

1. Your Name (initials can be post upon request), RPGA number, and email address (your secondary is ok).
2. Item you are trading or item you are looking for.
3. What item or items you want for the trade. This is optional, but will help with trades.


Name RPGA# Email Item(s) Wanted Item(s) in exchange for Posted
K.K.155209Kyla_Kon@yahoo.comCones of Communication and
Dust of Disappearance
go to:
I.R.300935grinch@REMOVE-THIS.grfn.orgThief's ToolsNone Listed8/1/00

Certs for Trade

Name RPGA# Email Item(s) for Trade Item(s) in exchange for Posted
R. B.466101azeral777@yahoo.comTraveling Spellbookmake offer5/21/00


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