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Cert Trader

Welcome to the Cert Trader Website

The perpose of this site is to promote and adsist with trades between players nation wide. To provide a save trade for person by providing a middle-man for the trade.

How does it work?

Two persons email me with a requst for a trade that they have agreed upon.
I will respond with the address for which the person requesting the trade must sent a signed and witnessed document about the trade. The document is located at
After I recieve the document I will email the persons making the tade with the OK to send the following items to be mailed: The cert(s) and a log sheet for the character whose item is being traded, and a second copy of the signed document stating what item(s) and to whom the item(s) are being trade and for what item(s) they are being traded to, and a self adressed stamped envelope.
When and only when I recieve both players cert(s) and log sheet will I transfer and mail the items. If one person does not mail their cert(s) I will send the other persons certs back to them.
I am not responsible for any certs lost/damaged in the mail, and persons using this service do so at their own risk.
The only cost for this service is the deduction of 100gp per transaction from each persons log sheet. So the log sheet you send must have been used atleast once before. I know some people will not like this, but it does add to the realism of having a real middle man.

To use this service email us at:

Cert Trader

We have a classifieds page that you can list what you are looking for or looking to get rid of.


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