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I,                       agree to trade the following certs.

To,                        for the following certs.

I agree to use the operater of the website as a middle-man for said trade. I also agree not to hold the operater of said website responsible for any certs lost or damaged in shipping, certs that are later deemed fake, for deeming a trade is fair or unfair, or any other action taken upon by myself. I agree to the deduction of 100 gold pieces from my log sheet. I understand that if the party listed above that I am trading item to does not send their certs my will be mailed back to me in the self addressed stamped envelope I will provide with my certs. I authorize the operater of said website to checkout the vaildity of all certs being trade and understand that if my certs are found to be fake the operater of said website will turn them over to RPGA HQ for an investiagtion and I will lose those certs that were fake and the trade will be cancelled and any certs deemed good will be sent back to me in the self adressed stamped envolpe that I provided.

Signed this date,               

by,                    RPGA#          

Witnessed by,                      

On this date                     


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